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Double cone and Pull-collets

Double cone and Pull-collets Double cone-collet for pneumatic chucks Advantages: - Clamping range +0,2 mm up to -0,8 mm - Chip cover cap if technically possible, depends on type and ø - This Alloy is not heat sensitive and very hard - non-abrasive - High runout accuracy [...]

PKD-tipped inserts

PKD-tipped inserts PCD-tipped inserts guarantee - higher cutting performance - Improvement of the surface quality - Better tool lifetime - Increase in productivity Advantages: - Production of profiles with one operation - Cutting edge quality lasered, ground or eroded - according to your needs - Chip grooves [...]

Guide bush WAVE-GOLD

Guide bush WAVE GOLD for swiss type lathes Advantages: WAVE Slits prevent from getting chips into the guiding bore Extended guiding up to 40mm depending on guide bush type ULTRA PRECISE High scratch-free surface on the turning parts Very low coefficient of friction, thus ensuring very good [...]

Circular Plate

Circular plate in D40 / D60 / D80 / D100 The Circular plate in the sizes D40 / D60 / D80 and D100 are perfect to keep the high surface quality of your turned parts. With changeable Wood- or POM Plate available. Available with exchangeable wooden or [...]

Chamfering machine

Chamfering machine up to bar diameter 79mm The STC250M Manual bar chamfer model offers a solution to enable maximum bar size to be run by any machine by turning the outside diameter down to suit a smaller gripper collet to allow automatic bar change and remnant extraction. [...]

Torque spanners for ER-Nuts

Torque spanners for ER-Nuts Advantages: Predefined force for tightening the nut (repeatability) Reduced risk of runout problems by using too much strength Reduced risk of damaging nuts and tool holders Reduced risk of injuries We can also supply you with each ER-Nuts and ER-Collets! [...]

Modular tool system

Quick change mini - modular tool system Quick change modular tool system, without having to remove the tool-holder from the gang Presetting is possible outside of the machine Ultra precise fitting, rigid fixation Tool-holder in various sections and with round shank available Also available for STAR backworking [...]

WIHA-Torque wrench

WIHA-Torque wrench Ergonomic key handle, extremely handy due to compact design. Especially for difficult to access screws, narrow places and tightest engineering spaces. Click signal when the set torque value is reached. Compatible with all 28369 series blades According to standard EN ISO 6789, BS EN 26789, [...]

High pressure quick coupling system

HEB MiniPlug Quick coupling system for internal coolant with high pressure Tool systems with internal cooling have been gaining ground for several years now and make modern metalworking even more efficient. In order to transport the lubricant through the narrow bore holes directly to the cutting [...]

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