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Ifanger improves chip control for long-chipping materials

Swiss-MicroTurn MTEP and MTEF with revolutionary chip breaker


Ifanger Microturn News MTEP MTEF

Increase productivity in the machining process! Ifanger presents an innovative chip forming stage in its MTEP and MTEF tool lines, which reliably ensures chip breaking during chip formation. Unwanted chips and the associated loss of quality on the workpiece can be avoided and your production process runs more efficiently with maximum precision chip control – for aluminum, titanium, lead-free brass alloys and long-chipping steel grades.


Swiss-MicroTurn MTEP: Roughing

The chip forming stage in the MTEP line shows its full effectiveness from the first use. The clever shaping causes the chip to break, especially with sufficient chip depth and feed. This results in short helical chips, while ideal cutting parameters can even produce fine crumbling chips.

The upper limit of the cutting depth is determined by process parameters such as tool length, tool diameter, bore diameter and cooling. The feed rate is limited by the specified geometry of the chip forming stage, whereby a high-pressure internal cooling system supports efficient chip removal.

The diagram provides reference points for the cutting parameters and the corresponding chip shapes.

Ifanger Microturn MTEP MTEF

Swiss-MicroTurn MTEF: Finishing

The MTEF is a fine finishing tool with chip forming step. In contrast to the MTEP, no chip breakage can be achieved at low cutting depths and feed rates. The chip forming stage is designed in such a way that spiral chips are formed which are reliably removed from the bore.The tools are available with DLC (non-ferrous metals) and titanium-aluminum-nitride (steel) coatings as standard for machining various materials.


IFANGER Spankontrolle

Success Story: 5x longer in lead-free brass


The restriction of leaded free-cutting brass is forcing manufacturers in drinking water applications and the watch and jewelry industry to use alternative materials such as CuZn21Si3P and CuZn42. These ‘lead-free’ variants have higher strength values, but pose a challenge. CuZn21Si3P in particular, with added abrasive silicon, stresses tool cutting edges and shortens their service life. Despite difficult machining properties, the challenge is to develop durable tools that also offer process-reliable chip control in order to prevent ribbon and tangled chips as well as ‘chip nests’.


With the new Swiss-MicroTurn MTEP line, IFANGER has created pioneering micro internal turning tools that are significantly superior to comparable products from the competition in terms of cutting ability, chip control and durability.

Benchmark, Performance comparison

Bore according to drawing



Test MTEP & MTEF for yourself.

Our office and field staff will be happy to advise you on our new mini boring tools from IFANGER or provide you with more information. We are happy to accept direct orders – by phone, e-mail or directly via the e-shop.

more information on IFANGER MTEP & MTEF 


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