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Clamping tools for lathes

Collets, guide bushes, bar feed collets for bar loaders and other clamping devices for all CNC single and multi-spindle lathes as well as bar loaders and much more.



Our extensive range of products for workpiece and tool clamping offers everything you need for the production of your turned parts. Benefit from our diversified portfolio of clamping tools for CNC swiss type lathes, fixed head automatic lathes, multi-spindle lathes and rotary transfer machines. On request, we can customize them to your requirements in our in-house grinding and EDM service.

  • Collets series 100
  • Collets with extended nose
  • Collets Supergrip type
  • Collets WAVE type
  • Collets KROKO type
  • Collets with carbide insert
  • Collet for internal clamping EXP (173E)
  • Long-Star
  • Collet rubber inserts
  • Guide bushes with carbide insert
  • Guide bushes with long carbide insert up to 40,0 mm
  • WAVE type
  • WAVE-GOLD type
  • Guide bushes programmable for Traub swiss type lathes
  • Guide bush Traub TNL 32
  • Guide bushes with carbide rollers
  • Fixed guide bushes
  • & more
  • Double cone collet for pneumatic guide bush systems
  • also available in grey cast iron and nitrided steel
  • Pull-collet for pneumatic guide bush systems
  • also available in grey cast iron and nitrided steel
  • Bar feed collets for bar loaders
  • Bar feed collets for bar loaders for internal gripping
  • Revolving ends for bar loaders
  • The clamping jaws of the WIFEX System will be delivered with individually produced jaws according to your drawing or with blanks to grind it by yourself.
  • To send you an offer, we need a drawing of the part and the type of the collet.
  • Draw-In collets series 300
  • ZP- Draw-In collets
  • Collets for
  • Pfiffner-Hydromat
  • Draw-In collets with extended nose
  • Head collets
  • Clamping head SK16 BZI
  • Clamping head SK32 BZI
  • Clamping head SK32 BZIG
  • Clamping head SK42 BZI
  • Clamping head SK42 BZIG
  • Clamping head SK52 BZI
  • Clamping head SK52 BZIG
  • Clamping head SK65 BZI
  • Clamping head SK65 BZIG
  • Clamping head SK80
  • Clamping head SK100
  • Clamping head SK9022
  • Clamping head SK6970
  • Clamping head SK32 ZW
  • & more
  • Clamping head TOP 26
  • Clamping head TOP 26G
  • Clamping head TOP 40
  • Clamping head TOP 40G
  • Clamping head TOP 52
  • Clamping head TOP 52G
  • Clamping head TOP 65
  • Clamping head TOP 65G
  • Clamping head TOP 100
  • Clamping head TOP 100G
  • Feed collets series 200
  • RS-system adjustable feed collets
  • External feed collets
  • For Gildemeister
  • For Index-Steinhäuser
  • For Schütte
  • For Tornos
  • Clamping heads for multi spindle machines
  • On request, we modify clamping tools
    in our modern, in-house grinding and EDM
    service according to your requirements.
  • According to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Within 48 hours
  • Index GB30 / GB42
  • Index ABC 25/36/42/52
  • Index GS 30 / GS42
  • Index GE42 / GE65
  • Traub TNS30 / TNS30/42
  • Traub TNS60/42 / TNS65
  • Manurhin KMX20 / KMX26
  • Gauthier
  • Strohm M105 / M125
  • Strohm M205 / M255
  • ER collets system
  • Collet system
  • Erickson type DK
  • Collets according
  • DIN 6388 / form A / B
  • Collets series 400
  • Collets series 500
  • Collets series 600
  • Rubber-Flex collets workpiece clamping
  • Nuts and wrenches for Rubber-Flex collets
  • Rubber-Flex collets for tool clamping
  • ESCO D 2
  • ESCO D 6
  • ESCO NEW Mach


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