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Solid carbide & HSS cutting tools

Twist drills, center drills, reamers, circular saw blades, end mills, taps, thread rolling dies, knurling wheels, broaching tools, dies and much more.


Our extensive range of solid carbide & HSS cutting tools offers everything you need for the production of your turned parts. Benefit from our diversified portfolio of tools for CNC swiss type lathes, fixed head automatic lathes, multi-spindle lathes and rotary transfer machines.

  • Carbide circular saw
  • HSS circular saw
  • Carbide NC – centre drill
  • HSCO NC – centre drill
  • Carbide twist drill
  • HSS twist drill
  • Carbide Reamer
  • HSS-E Reamer
  • Carbide milling cutter
  • HSCO milling cutter
  • Deburring tool – 60°
  • Deburring tool – 90°
  • For blind hole Form C according to DIN 371
  • For blind hole Form E according to DIN 371
  • For Brass Form C
  • Form C TIN according to DIN 2174
  • Form C according to DIN 371
  • Non-adjustable Version
  • Adjustable Version
  • HSS – Threading die lapped
  • HSS – Threading die for Brass
  • HSSE – Threading die for stainless steel
  • HSS – bell threading die
  • Shank 5 x 20 mm (PCM Series 2151)
  • Shank 8 x 28 mm (PCM Series 2110)
  • Shank 8 x 30 mm
  • Shank 12 x 40 mm
  • Shank 12 x 55 mm (PCM Series 6150)
  • Form knurrling wheel
  • Cut knurrling wheel
  • Form A round
  • Form B square
  • Form D rectangular
  • HSS – Rods
  • Length 70 mm Tolerance H7 or h7
  • Length 100 mm Tolerance H7 or h7
  • Length 310/330 mm Tolerance h7
  • Length 100 mm Tolerance h6
  • Lathe tool
  • Cut-in and parting tool
  • Hook tool
  • Head tool
  • Machining steel for TORNOS multi-spindle machines
  • ISO Inserts with various chip breackers and coatings
  • CCGT…
  • DCGT…
  • VCGT…
  • & more

We are happy to manufacture special tools from solid carbide according to your requirements. Please send us at least one drawing of your component and details of the tool you require.


You are also welcome to browse through our catalogues.
The brochures are available for download.

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