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Work safety when changing tools

3 tools for safe tool changes and improved productivity

Everyone knows it: The space in the lathe is cramped. It’s easy to slip when changing tools and injure yourself. An occupational hazard that you just have to accept? No. There are a number of tools to increase safety and productivity when preparing and operating CNC lathes.

These include Protective covers for tool holders with ER collets, locking systems for safe tool changes in driven tool holders, coolant distribution rings for fixed and driven tool holders.

1. Blocking system for driven tools

The danger:

Manual tool changes are not safe. It can easily happen that the operator suffers minor cuts, in some cases serious injuries. The reasons are obvious:

  • both hands are needed to loosen the clamping nut of the driven tool
  • the operator works in an uncomfortable, unstable position to release the tool
  • the tools mounted on other blocks of the machine increase the risk of injury
  • if one of the release keys comes loose and the operator loses his balance, this can lead to serious injury.

The solution:

The blocking system supports the operator when changing tools and locks them securely mechanically. It minimizes the risk of injury and at the same time significantly reduces the tool change time:

  • the driven tool holder is blocked by inserting a locking key into the slot of the tool changing device – no uncontrolled release of the locking mechanism possible
  • only one hand is required to unlock the clamping nut
  • the operator can use the other free hand for stable positioning.

Worth mentioning: The safe tool changing device remains installed in the machine without any operational changes and serves as the basis for the coolant distribution systems.

Possible applications

The locking system is available in versions for the machine manufacturers STAR, CITIZEN and TORNOS.

With the locking system, turning shops rapidly reduce downtimes due to accidents at work. At the same time, the purchase is worthwhile if production is to be optimized. This is because the time required to change tools with the locking system can be halved compared to a manually set-up process.

Another advantage of the blocking system is that it serves as a basic holder for a coolant ring.
The ring comes with individually adjustable nozzles so that it can be adapted to any tool.

View blocking systems in the f.britsch online store

2. Tool guard for tool holders with ER mini nut

Our tool guard for tool holders with ER mini nut is super simple and extremely effective. The risk of injury from sharp edges and drills when changing tools is averted once and for all once the soft protective caps have been fitted.

View tool protection for tool holders with ER mini nut in the f.britsch online store

3. Wrench for ER clamping nuts

The choice, functionality and quality of the tools used make a significant contribution to work safety. The best way to explain this is in practical terms using our torque wrench.

The field of application is clear: the operator uses the wrench to tighten ER nuts in the lathe, for example when changing tools. Due to the predefined force when tightening the nut with repeat accuracy, concentricity errors and over-tightening are reduced. In addition, damage to the tool holder and the nut itself is avoided because it is not overtightened and slipping during the clamping process is virtually impossible. And with that we have named the moment of risk of injury: The risk of slipping due to excessive force being applied when tightening is averted when using a torque wrench. In addition, there is no need to correct (in the event of concentricity errors or over-tightening) by unclamping and re-tightening.

The socket wrench compensates for the limited space available in the lathe.
Non-slip, easier operation and, paired with the torque wrench, an optimum solution for simple tool changes.

View wrenches for ER clamping nuts in the f.britsch online store




As a trading partner for the turned parts industry, it is very important to us to consider occupational health and safety for machine operators. We face up to this responsibility as a supplier.

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