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Bimu updates tool program with new highlights

New year, same challenges in your production?

With extended geometries for inserts, holder systems and cutting tools, Bimu provides real solutions for classic challenges in tool life and cutting on sliding headstock automatic lathes.

As the largest Bimu trading partner, we are absolutely convinced of the new efficient cutting geometries and tool holders. We present tools with success stories and, as always, will be happy to advise you personally on the entire Bimu range.

Bimu präsentiert neue Geometrien für Wendeschneidplatten, Haltersysteme für Langdrehen

Success Story automotive Production


Process-reliable chip breaking for large and small depths of cut, as well as a cutting material that is as wear-resistant as possible, in order to produce highprecision turned parts in large quantities.

Solution – chip breaking geometry with VCGT FR insert

The novel chip breaking geometry with xx° of the VCGT FR insert produces reliable chip breaking in different chip depths and allows an enormous autonomous production time.

Bimu Wendeschneidplatte für Fertigung von Teilen in der Automobil

Success Story medical part machining


Due to the unfavorable diameter-lenth ratio lowest radial forces during longitudinal turning can cause a lack of coaxiality.

Solution – Bimu insert 067R – 29° – r 0,04 – BI90

Thanks to the very sharp full radius geometry of the Bimu insert 067R – 29° – r 0,04 – BI90 the cutting forces are reduced and the small 0,04 mm radius guarantees an excellent surface quality.

Bimu Wendeschneidplatte für die präzise Fertigung von Medizinalteilen

Success Story from Watch part machining


The customer is machining watch cases off the bar and is not satisfied with the current tool life of his parting-off tools. Therefore, he compares different suppliers in the field of parting-off for tool life, chip formation and ease of use.


With the TGP system from Bimu, the customer achieves at least 3 times the tool life of all comparable and tested grooving systems. The tool handling and chip formation function equally well, so that the customer has a more efficient process.

Bimu Wendeschneidplatten für Fertigung in der Uhrenindustrie

Carbide knife for plastic machining

Ideal for parting off plastic and pure PEEK to avoid burrs on the workpiece.
Bar machining up to ø26 mm, available in all tool holder cross-sections from 8×8 to 25×25.

Bimu Neuheiten für

Quick change mini

The well-known Quick change mini modular tool system is now also available for smaller machines with a shank cross-section of 8×8. Whether for Bimu’s own indexable insert lines or ISO indexable inserts, the holder system offers everything you need for convenient machining.
Presetting outside the machine is possible and it is not necessary to remove the basic holder after mounting on the tool carrier.

Bimu Quick change mini für 8mm Querschnitte

Other challenges

…and how to solve these with Bimu tools are available for download here.We will be pleased supporting you with solutions to your challenges.

Product info Bimu



 Test the tools for yourself.

Our sales representatives will introduce you to the Bimu geometries.
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